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EPOS Group - ePOS Solutions
Enhance your business with our best in class stock control...
EPOS Group | Since 1971
EPOS Group specialises in Electronic Point of Sale systems. We started out in 1971 as a trusted regional sales and service system provider and have grown steadily to deliver national and local sales and service support coverage to our customers. At EPOS Group we know from all this earned experience it takes ambition and commitment to run your company. No surprise then that we continue to become a trusted partner to thousands of business requiring everything from touch terminals with Windows® based back-office and head-office control to classic till style cash registers.

Understanding Your Needs
It is our goal first and foremost to understand your business needs and to integrate software, hardware and services to meet your requirements and your budget. To help improve your profits and retain customers we try to understand everything we can do to help; from your customer experience needs to the software and hardware engineering challenges you face. EPOS Group can also help you manage your databases of products or services and deliver communications infrastructure (LAN, WAN) as well as provide expert support and training.

Our Market Expertise
We have become particularly synonymous with up-to-date, reliable, carefully designed and installed EPOS systems for the retail and hospitality arena. Specific sectors here include: bars, pubs, convenience, fast food, grocers, restaurants, clubs, hotels, farm-shops and bakeries. We can cater for all EPOS set-ups, whether you have a single site just opening or a multi chain business covering the whole country which needs a completely managed upgrade.

If you're in retail we understand everything you need and what's likely to be the best and most reliable equipment for your business. This includes such equipment as: stock management, scanning systems with integrated credit card processing, scale links and sophisticated stock re-ordering systems.

If you're in hospitality you'll be please to find out we know this like the back of our hand. We understand the importance of customer experience for you and what's likely to be the best and most reliable way to get what you want. Touch screen or pad systems integrating with stock management - we can help. Do you need hotel PMS systems or comprehensive table management including hand-held order pads? Just speak to us.